EHAF offers the full range of management and design services to deliver cutting-edge management, engineering , architecture , transporation, infrastructure and environmental solutions.

We integrate early on the expertise of the entire team as well as our clients to uncover the full potential of each project’s site, program, and resources.

EHAF combines diverse expertise in the buildings, infrastructure, transportation and environment sectors with extensive experience of regional and local markets. We strive to develop a close understanding of our clients’ needs and priorities and to be highly responsive to their requirements in the international markets in which they operate. EHAF utilizes this understanding and expertise intelligently to create innovative solutions for the social and commercial benefit of our clients and the communities they serve.

EHAF offer multi-discipline design services because no project is one-dimensional or fully similar to another. EHAF managers, engineers and architects aare suitably qualified, adequately resourced to meet the project’s requirements and the necessary proficiency so as to fulfill the clients’ needs and instructions satisfactorily.