EHAF understands the key role a mechanical, electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services. EHAF has extensive experience in designing MEP wok for industrial, commercial, buildings, sports Facilties, water and waste water network & treatment plants, and Railway facilities. EHAF experienced mechanical engineers gained sound understanding of the project’s intended outcomes in relation to timeline, quality, expenditure and performance, to establish a clear brief and identify any operational constraints right from the outset. EHAF engineers bring years of knowledge, experience, and success to projects. Their expertise is extensive in such areas as piping design, fire protection, energy and temperature management control, plumbing networks and hvac systems. EHAF engineers are also skilled in feasibility, energy analysis studies & solutions, and sustainability.

Mechanical team at EHAF view partnering as competitive, a multifunctioning team with the ability to provide a full technical portfolio to the client. With partners we can be proactive and innovative to provide the most efficient cost effective design solution. We then apply the latest innovative approaches in design engineering, generating ideas that work, by communicating with all project stakeholders. This helps us to deliver practical, cost effective design solutions, taking into account the factors that matter to the client, such as ease of operation and ongoing maintenance, as well as long term running costs. Such partnership creates performance specification for mega and once in a life time projects.

From the start of any project, EHAF team understand the need to develop facilities where the internal environment is balanced, providing comfortable spaces for occupants while keeping carbon emissions and running costs as low as possible. Achieving this requires an integrated approach, to ensure that the systems are strategically integrated into the project.

EHAF's Mechanical team designs are environmentally responsible, high performance and LEED buildings. With leading experts in all aspects of building physics supported by state-of-the-art building performance-analysis tools and sophisticated design technology, we bring powerful thinking to any design team worldwide, whatever the project. Working collaboratively, EHAF prioritize sustainable solution – exploring the use of the building's location, orientation, shading and structural form to drive down the need for mechanical installations. Our sustainable, high-performance, low-energy solutions will be integrated into the very fabric of the building to create light and airy spaces for living and working. With certified LEED experts by LEED local authorities in each country of operation, EHAF bring leading-edge thinking to projects in an approach that ensures compliance with local regulations and standards.

Our people share best practice with other industry professionals, and are proud of their expertise in designing the following services to ensure a building’s sustainable functionality:

  • Electricity supply and distribution
  • Gas supply and distribution
  • Renewable energy
  • Water supply, distribution, and drainage
  • Fire detection and protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Lift engineering
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Telecommunications and IT networks
  • Security control systems
  • Access for people with disabilities

EHAF carries out mechanical engineering design and consultancy services relating to the distribution of potable water pipelines and pipe work design, plant and control room design, asset condition surveys, computational fluid dynamics, pumping systems, motors, gearboxes, winches, drive systems, and corrosion control.

EHAF mechanical engineering team offers a wide range of services including design, specification and inspection during manufacture, supervision of installation and commissioning, in service condition surveys, safety surveys, inspection and maintenance programmes. We will provide a number of deliverables, depending on the project and the stage the project is at, these being: Mechanical:

  • Hot & Cold Water Storage & Distribution
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • BREEAM Assessments
  • Dynamic Building Thermal Modelling
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Assessments
  • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
  • Simplified Building Energy Modelling
  • (SBEM) calculations, in addition to EPC assessments
  • Site Layout
  • High Temperature Hot Water
  • Energy Conservation
  • Thermal Storage
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Automated Control Systems

Plumbing and Piping System:

  • Drain, Waste & Vent Piping
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Specialized Laboratory

Piping Systems:

  • Medical Gas Systems
  • Wet & Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-Action Systemst

EHAF diverse team of professionals, including mechanical engineers, engineering scientists and chemists specialists, provide advice on fire prevention and fire protection facilities. We are members of the National Fire Protection Association as well as civil defense department in each country we operate in. Fire Protection:

  • Fire Alarm Layout
  • Fire Alarm schematic Drawing
  • Technical Repor
  • Evacuation analysis