Architecture and Design

EHAF designers understand that Architecture is the art of designing new opportunities to improve our cities, which engages people with their surroundings and enhances the fabric of the community. Using different shapes, colors, contours, materials, ideas, dreams, they managed to build architectural pieces that could also serve as landmarks, not just for residential purposes.

EHAF has a finely-selected team of architects, engineers, and managers who are capable of turning each project into a master piece. EHAF team is highly motivated to work on challenging projects to reveal their outstanding capabilities of producing unique designs which are not only marked for their aesthetic features but also their ability to meet the functional required targets with high aptitude.

EHAF has specialist skills in building design. Our staff have worked on a variety of different projects both nationally.EHAFs Architects strive always for a poetic response to a site and a design brief and this is followed up with a robust knowledge of construction details and how things are made and put together.

EHAF's Architecture team is passionate about the development of cities and our work is based on sustainable urban development .

EHAF's designs are a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary teammates to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve challenges. Such collaboration creates a flagship innovative buildings that iconize the spaces they fill. Iit is the driver for our architecture innovaion. Our architecture responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and communities. We start the arcchitectural design fro inside out, from the rooms to bulding to landscape and cities. Each country has its unique culture. Such cultures has special needs and heritage To ceebrate such culture

EHAF architects start the design from the internal to the external to the surroundings. This is insured by the diverse culture and geographic location of our architectural team that create innovative solutions for its local customers,

EHAF architects have extensive experience in the total building process from initial ideas, analyses and programming, through design development and construction, right up to the handover and operation of the finished product. By combining architectural vision with the expertise from our other services we provide one stop shop for our clients..