• EHAF  quality system relies on the total commitment and proactive participation of all staff and personnel, and their competence and dedication to the continuous improvement of the quality of the work and services

  • With the help of the top consulting management, PWC, EHAF has reeingineered its quality work flows and its quality system. The quality system has been developed at three levels: Quality Management Manual (QMM), Quality Management Procedures (QMP), and Work Procedures (WP).

EHAf’s quality objectives are:
  • • to provide services to standards of quality which exceed currently accepted levels in the profession and in complete conformance with the Client’s stated requirements;
  • • to deliver a sound product to the Client on time and within the agreed budget for each phase of a project
  • • to add value and unique solutions to projects through our skills as Project Managers
  • EHAF  believes in and enforces high standards of quality on all stages of a project; quality comes before cost or schedule. To achieve the highest level of Client (internal and external) satisfaction,  EHAF will:
    • recognize customer values and strive for complete understanding of their needs and application requirements;
    • ensure that our Quality Management Manual and Procedures reflect adopted procedures;

    • recognize each employee’s responsibility for quality; • empower employees to question processes that appear to compromise quality;