EHAF expanded considerably in the MENA region between 1990s and 2000s, opening 5 regional offices with expansion of more than 400 professionals. During this time EHAF started to work with international organization asuch as the world bank, USAID, JICA, African development bank, and many other conglomerate clients

In 2003, the company changed its structure from general partnership to a closed shareholding corporation. That change facilitated the company’s growth, as many of its clients were involved in multiple markets across the core sectors of Buildings, infrastructure and transportation.. The services expanded to engineering, project management, construction management, architectural and transportation services.

EHAF Award Winning Projects
• Best Mixed Use Development Award (Al Mashtal Dev.) Cityscape AUH.
• Best Waterfront Development Award (Bay La Sun V08), Cityscape KSA.
• Best Development’ at CNBC Property Awards, (Shams Central Park, Reem Island).
• Best Mixed
‐Use and Commercial Award, (Sodic Polygon, Egypt) Cityscape Egypt.
EHAF has
• A multi‐cultural organization with high technical and multidisciplinary experience.
• The know‐how of carrying out large & complex projects.
• An international project management vision.
• An overall integrated and sophisticated technical knowledge.
• Team building spirit with the client.
Sample of EHAF clients (public, private, donors)
• JICA, (Largest contract for non Japanese firm has been awarded by JICA to EHAF)
• USAid
• WorldBank
• European Commission
• African Development Bank
• Islamic Development Bank
• Kuwait Fund Development
• Several Ministries and Municipalities in the Region
• Several Petroleum Companies in the Region
• Major Developer in the Region

Today, the company continues to experience strong growth across its core markets. Black & Veatch currently has a global workforce of more than 1,000 working in over 7 offices worldwide with projects completed in more than 5 countries on two continents. This rich history helped raise EHAF ranking worlwide to reach number 17 for PMCM for design fees for non us firms and number 121 for international design firms as by Engineering the news record of USA.

EHAF Engineers prides itself on our ability to successfully deliver projects at a high degree or professionalism within time and Budget. The experience, skill, and diversityof EHAF’s team of professionals has been the main impetus behind our successes over the past 4 decades and has been the basis of EHAF’s success and growth.

In 2005, the market that showed a booming trend worldwide, made the company professional to expand into 1000 professionals of 9 different nationalities. The number and size of projects expanded in cost to include many multibillion US dollars with unusual sophistication. The market expansion helped EHAF in doubling the size of its management consulting business

Through organic growth both vertically and horizontally, the company grew to 1000 by the end of 2011

EHAF’s diverse, highly trained, and experienced teamoffers innovativeand efficientsolutions to enhance the overall performance of ourbroad array of projects to suit our diverse clientele

Our finely-selected team is capable of turning each project into a master piece. Our team is highly motivated and self-challenging given us an edge over competition. Our portfolio of projects demonstrates the challenging nature of our projects. At EHAF we believe that no project is too challenging. In fact, we belive that challenging projects revealthe outstanding and innovative capabilities of our team.

It is through this spirit that EHAF is continuously upgradingits capabilities and business and practices to respond to emerging needs of a continuously changing global market