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Al Azhar Library, Egypt

The new library for Al-Azhar in Cairo constitutes parts of the scientific and cultural cooperation memorandum between Egypt & UAE. The project’s vision is to establish a world-class public library that accommodates state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the role of Al-Azhar in promoting Islamic culture. The library will allow local and international scholars and researchers to access electronic versions of its valuable manuscripts and other educational assets.

Al Azhar allocated a plot of land on Salah Salem Street in Cairo with an area of about 13,900 sqm for the project. The library building will comprise 2 Basements, Ground Floor and 3 additional Floors. The library will include spaces for the following; Main Library and Specialized Libraries on an area on 13,770 sqm, Restoration Center on an area of 575 sqm, Conference and Exhibition Center on an area of 1,190 sqm, Administration offices on an area of 400 sqm, Culture and other panoramic interactive system (50 sqm), research centers (150sqm) and Data Center and IT services (100 sqm) in addition to a car parking that has a capacity of 400 spaces.

Product Description


Cairo, Egypt


The Ministry of Presidential Affairs


  • Complete Design
  • Construction Management and Supervision